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SPAM blocking technology

There are a number of different methods available to block spam and viruses with different levels of effectiveness. To achieve the highest level of spam and virus protection whilst ensuring that an easy to use and reliable system is in place we have adopted state of the art appliances from Barracuda.

Permanently eliminate spam by using our intelligent anti-spam options

Not one has time to waste flipping through endless spam e-mails - especially business people. We have come up with a number of solutions for you. They can be divided into the following:

  • provide software solutions to identify and intercept spam
  • use spam blocking firewalls on our web hosting servers
  • use our recommendations and common sense to avoid compromising your e-mail address in the first place

We can help your organisation by:

  1. Providing you with technical consultancy teaching you about the many simple things you can do to reduce your spam burden.
  2. Securing all the web forms and scripts on your website so they cannot be used by spammers; which can cause all kinds of problems for your business.
  3. Implement integrity checking and form validation on all of your forms to trap erroneous (and spurious) data input.
  4. Provide you with our 'captcha' technology to block robots from hijacking your forms. These mechanisms allow the website to differentiate between human and robotic visitors and to only accept form submission from human beings.

Our antispam countermeasures have proven to be 100% effective for those clients who have chosen to employ our antispam services. By 100% we mean they get zero spam from their Web sites and only receive legitimate e-mail. These are always identified and allowed through.

Contact us today and let us help you solve your spam problems. Phone (02) 9972 3849.

What is spam?

Spam can be defined as unsolicited or junk e-mail. It comes from sources you have had no prior contact with and therefore have no business with. It is a serious problem on the Internet as more and more people connect, more and more e-mail addresses are created and more and more spam messages are sent. Most people get much more junk e-mail than they do legitimate e-mails. These spam messages generate vast quantities of data which need to be moved around the Internet and tend to slow things down for everyone. Often, these messages also contain viruses and spyware. Other times these fake emails invite you to fradulent web sites that compromise your security.

The worst thing for you of course is that your mailbox gets filled with junk messages you don't want which clutter your mailbox, waste your time and distract you from the important e-mails.

The old West

The situation is rapidly getting out of control and because of the open nature of the Internet it is virtually impossible to police it. On a philosophical level this is a good thing as a promotes freedom and self-regulation. On the other hand it's every man for themselves on the Internet and so like in the old West, everyone is entitled to carry a gun to guarantee their own protection.

How the West was Won

In the 21st century our six shooters consist of anti-virus software, anti-spyware, firewalls, and spam blocking. Most people are familiar with antivirus software these days as it has become ubiquitous. It's remarkable that it doesn't come with the operating system. I'm sure some day soon it will. Firewalls are already built into operating systems and for those of us with extra cash we can also buy hardware firewalls which are said to be impenetrable. Spam blocking software has also been around for sometime but it is less well-known.

What is also not very well known is that you can get hardware antispam firewalls (specialised antispam computers) whose sole purpose is the interception and removal of unsolicited e-mails before they reach you. The results of using such a spam blockers are dramatic to say the least. One observes an instantaneous elimination of unsolicited e-mails the instant these systems are enabled.

A clever alternative

Another way to reduce spam is to make sure your e-mail address is not available on your web site. If it is available robotic data harvesting engines will pluck the e-mail address from your site and add it to a list of targets to bombard with spam.

You can be absolutely certain that if you publish your e-mail address on the Internet, you will get spam, and a lot of it.

But wait I hear you say, how will people contact me if I don't give them my e-mail address?? The answer is that you hide your e-mail address behind an HTML form which conceals and protects your e-mail address from data harvesters. It is a simple and elegant solution which not only benefits you but also your clients.

For those of you who do not have e-mail forms and are suffering intolerable spam blizzards our spam protection service will save you a lot of aggravation, time and money. Here is how it works...

Our server based spam protection service

There are a number of different methods available to block spam and viruses with different levels of effectiveness. To achieve the highest level of spam and virus protection whilst ensuring that an easy to use and reliable system is in place we have adopted state of the art hardware from Barracuda.

This advanced antispam system is a hardware device that sits in front of our mail servers. All incoming mail is routed through the system which passes each email through a number of layers.

  • Public IP blacklists are checked for known sources of spam
  • Rate controlling is used to detect spam floods and attacks
  • Two different virus signatures checks are performed
  • Known spam finger prints are checked from online databases
  • Finally spam rule-based scoring and bayesian analysis is applied.

By default, Spam is dealt with as follows:

  • Any email that is detected as being spam will be quarantined.
  • Quarantined email can be accessed via a web based interface
  • All email that is considered not be spam is sent to you as usual.
  • Any email that is detected to be a virus is automatically deleted.

In a very small number of cases legitimate email will be mistakenly quarantined as spam. In this rare event you can log into the quarantine area to retrieve these emails.

Spam blocking options

The Barracuda can be configured in many different ways. The default settings are a balance between ease of use and spam protection. The service is customised on a per email address basis. This allows different e-mail addresses to have different spam blocking regimes applied to them.

There are three adjustable options you can change; Tag score, Quarantine score and Block score.

The score system defines how aggressive the Barracuda is in detecting spam. Setting a higher score will increase the number of spams detected but also increases the possibility of real emails being treated as spam. Setting a lower score will allow more spam through but also lower the chance of a real email being treated as spam.

For any email detected as being spam:

  • Tagging puts the word 'SPAM' at the start of the subject line and delivers it to your inbox. This way you can make an easy choice whether to read it or delete it.
  • Quarantine keeps the email in the quarantine area and doesn't deliver it to you. This allows you to access undelivered mail should you require it.
  • Blocking rejects the email and deletes it (this is not recoverable).

By default we:

  • Disable tagging because most users just don't want spam.
  • Activate quarantine
  • Disable blocking to make sure you can't lose real emails.
  • Set quarantine to 3.5.

Another approach to using the service is to disable the quarantine service and manually enable tagging. This works best if you setup filters in your email program that automatically put any email with a subject of SPAM into a separate folder. Doing this means you can review the automatic spam classification quickly and easily in your usual mail program.


Many reports now show that spam and viruses combined represent over 75% of all email traffic. More than half the email you currently receive is likely to be a spam or virus. We can block spam and viruses before they ever reach your computer.

Spam has a very real cost on your business in the amount of time that people spend reading and deleting unwanted mail. With the increasing use of applications such as Internet banking viruses that give other people access to your computer pose a very real threat to your business. Our managed service will save you time and money whilst at the same time reducing the risk of attack from viruses.


  • The service is managed and monitored 24 x 7
  • Updates to spam and virus detection rules occur hourly
  • All spam is quarantined (not blocked) to ensure real email is not lost
  • The service can be configured on a per user basis to operate in many different modes to suit your needs


The best way to avoid getting spam is to treat your e-mail address in the same way that you treat your phone number or home address. That is, you only give it out to people you know and trust or intend doing business with. Under no circumstance should you make it publicly available on the Internet by posting it on your or others web sites.

If all else fails you can invest in our powerful Spam blocker for a modest fee and once and for all be rid of spam. The sheer volume of time and aggravation this will save you makes this a most excellent investment especially if you're a professional person.

We look forward to discussing your needs further. Please contact us here to learn more or arrange a face to face meeting.



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