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Virtually any business can benefit from a web site in the same way that it benefits from advertising, yellow pages listing, and other forms of promotion.

Build AssessSmall business can benefit greatly from a web presence and gain access to a potential global audience of millions of people. Your web site can become another point of sale augmenting conventional marketing and distribution channels and allowing your business to grow with a minimum of capital outlay therefore minimising your risk.

Virtually any small business can benefit from a web site in the same way that it benefits from advertising, yellow pages listing, and other forms of promotion.

By adding e-commerce to your site you can begin to tap into the global marketplace and make you site active and profitable.

Web sites built for your clients

When a client arrives at your web site you have mere seconds to make an impression on them and answer some of their key questions: What is this site? What do they do here? How can I find what I'm looking for? If these questions are not answered promptly the client will leave, frustrated that their time has been wasted - and rightly so.

If the web site is too slow to download, due to inefficiency or overuse of graphics, the same thing is likely to happen. There are technical solutions to these problems, but good design will get you 90% of the way there to begin with.

Fast turn around web design

It doesn't take three months to build a web site. In today's rapidly moving business environment, results are always time-critical. As competitive forces push us harder and harder, we end up so overloaded that we do things at the last minute. In such a climate, when we need something done, we need it done now.

This is especially true when trying to synchronise a marketing campaign. The print media needs to be sent out, the radio and television advertising needs to be broadcast, and the Web site needs to be ready and available all at the same time so that they all complement each other. We understand this well.

Corporate web siteMeeting deadlines

We believe that everyone is our most important customer. Big or small, we treat all jobs the same. You need something done, and we can do it. It only a question of when. We'll tell you straight off where we stand. If we can't deliver by a certain date we will tell you. We won't string you along with promised deadlines that keep getting pushed back. Before taking a job, We'll negotiate with you on what you want and when, and then we make a firm commitment to deliver your needs within the timeframe you require. If, for whatever reason, we would be unable to do so, we will not take the job.

Don't think for a second that doing something quickly means doing it badly. It's all about efficient application of technique and experience. It's one of the reasons why experts get paid more than beginners - they are able to produce more and superior results in the same space of time.

Creative artists think differently

Equine OxyShot web siteIn fact, the faster it's done the more professional it is. The trick behind this is immediacy, and pressure. Have you noticed how sometimes the most rushed job turn out better than the ones you spent twice and long working on? There's a reason for that. Psychologists call it pressure accelerated creativity. Put simply there's no time to think, only time to do, and the doing - the purity of action, engages the subconscious areas of the brain responsible for creative thinking. Ideas come unblocked, unobstructed by built in censors. See here for more on free association.

Writing web content

Every writing assignment is different. But when it comes to web content, companies invariably want to say something about their business and it's up to the writer to comprehend what the business wants to say, and what their customers want to know, and then communicate both. We are able to supply you with all your copy writing requirements.

Experience in business to business web design

These are a few of the many things to be considered when constructing a web site. Few people have the time to sort through all the possibilities and issues with a particular design; others don't know what they want to begin with other than 'a web site for their small business'. This is fine, and precisely the reason why you would come to us. A one-hour face-to-face meeting is usually more than enough to get an excellent idea of the kind of site required, the style, the features, and the all-important budget.

The thumbnails on this page demonstrate recent web sites we've designed. They are deceptively simple, have a tiny footprint on the server, are fast downloading, easy to navigate, consistent and informative. Whether they are beautiful or not is for you to decide; after all, beauty is subjective!

Integrity Life ManagementAccessible web sites for the visually impaired

One of the great things about the Internet is that is information is accessible to virtually everybody with an Internet connection. However, for those of us with any kind of vision impairment (in a society with an ageing population this will be likely to increase in the near future) the deciding factor on how useful the Internet is is the design of the web sites which contain information we seek.

If the web sites contain tiny fonts with poor contrast against the background, images with no ALT tags, and poor cascading style sheet (CSS) support, precluding the visually impaired from using their own accessible cascading style sheets, then these web sites will virtually not exist for this group of people.

Failing to construct information delivery systems that are accessible to the visually impaired is completely unnecessary & unacceptable.

Click here
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a quote!We have found many ways to make sites accessible to the visually impaired. By following a few simple rules and being consistent and open-minded about implementation everyone can have full access to all the information available on the Internet.

We look forward to discussing your needs further. Please contact us here to learn more or to arrange a face to face meeting.



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