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There is so much to learn. This section contains answers to many questions regarding Internet technology, what it means, and how to make it work for you.

In an effort to clarify many of the mind-boggling acronyms, jargon and processes kicked around by Web developers and computer scientists we have written a variety of articles. Hopefully, these articles will help lower you gently into the somewhat warm and convoluted bath of the Internet revolution.

They cover everything from briefing your designer on your particular needs through to safe shopping online. Our case studies section talks in-depth about jobs which we have completed to give you a good idea of the process involved in building your own website.

There are also articles not directly related to Web design but no less interesting. Some of our articles are highly technical and are directed primarily at other designers who already possess a certain level of knowledge.

Rise above yourself

Most people start out without any knowledge at all of the Internet and what it can do for them. One of our greatest challenges is to show them what is possible and just how versatile and far reaching the Internet really is.

We have found that once people have a good understanding of the process involved in using the Internet for their business that they are much more comfortable with committing to and proceeding with projects.

Get published

This section will be growing over time and we invite others to post their own articles to this section. If you would like to write for us simply contact us here. We will review your material and post it with credits and a link to your site.



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