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Content management systems

Content management systems (CMS) allow authorised company personnel to easily edit & publish content for a web site, independent of a professional web designer, saving both time & money...

Our web content management system allows you to edit your own website, is easier to use than Microsoft Word, and can be learned in just 30 minutes

Businesses are constantly changing and evolving. New products and services are added or removed; business managers philosophies change over the years and their focus can shift.

Often these changes are driven by economic pressures from outside the company, and in order to survive the company must respond rapidly.

Our website content and product management systems allow administrators to quickly change the content of their web sites according to their evolving needs.

Using our CMS administrators can modify:

  • the pages themselves (adding and deleting pages)
  • the text, graphics and other content
  • the navigation of the site and how the pages relate to each other

Other fantastic benefits include:

  • automatic generation of detailed site maps
  • automatic generation of menus and navigation items
  • automatic generation of search engine optimised HTML tag information
  • easy management of graphics and other resources including PDF files and multimedia
  • remote access to your website from anywhere in the world
  • the system can be learnt in just 30 minutes

Content management systems (CMS) allow authorised company personnel to easily edit and publish content for a web site, independent of a professional web designer, saving both time and money.

Website development

It often takes a team of people to get a web site up and running and to keep the content current. It usually begins with the Web designer creating a web site and all the associated templates, menus and graphics. The Web developer also sets up the e-commerce system and configures the Web server appropriately.

When the web site framework is in place the web designer completes the site by adding content such as text and photographs to the appropriate pages and lays out the whole thing. After testing the web site is ready to go live.

Maintaining a web site using a content management system

This is where things get interesting. Now that the web site is up and working you find the need to make some changes such adding an extra page for a new product, or adding paragraphs to existing content. Perhaps you'd like to add some graphs to a section or a list of links. There are two solutions to this requirement:

  1. Arrange for the Web designer to update your web site (for a fee)
  2. Update the web site yourself using a Content Management System

The benefits of using the CMS solution are numerous. In addition to saving web designer fees, you can implement changes much faster by doing it yourself. If you possess specialist knowledge it also makes sense to change the web site yourself as you would have a better understanding of the content and the modifications they wish to make.

CMS is particularly useful for web sites where many minor changes are required on a recurring basis (for example, company news, latest products, upcoming events). By using a CMS you don't need to worry about coding in complex HTML. You simply add or update text, images, tables and links with ease as though you are working on a Word document.

CMS administration

The CMS web site administrator (often the web designer) sets up users to maintain the web site by setting up a variety of folder and user permissions, which determine which users can edit web site content and what content they are permitted to edit. For example, you may not want your public relations people to have access to the technical reports section.

Resource control and conflict resolution

Another very important issue is conflict resolution. For a team of people to work on a single project it requires that they are co-ordinated in some way so that no two people can work on the same section at the same time. If this were permitted one would override the other's work and it would be chaos.

How resource control works

In order to stop conflicts from arising CMS carefully tracks who is currently editing which content. It then prohibits anybody else from modifying that particular area until the first person relinquishes control, this way only one person can edit any given section of the web site at a time.

It does this by creating what is known as an exclusive lock on a file which is created as soon as the user begins editing a file such as 'aboutus.htm'. This lock persists until the user is finished editing and commits the changes to the Web server. The lock is then released thus giving others the ability to edit the file.

No business too small

Whether you are a home based small business or a company employing several people a content management system gives you the power to maintain your own site quickly and easily while continuing to benefit from the professional web designer's original craftsmanship. The designer builds it - you maintain it.

We offer content management systems as an option to all of our clients. Many prefer that we maintain the site for them on request as they have little enough time as it is just running their enterprise and are happy to delegate the task to professionals. Others enjoy the independence and flexibility CMS provides.


Content management systems allow the owner of the web site the ability to operate independently of the web designer. This means that the content can be more up-to-date, changes can be made in-house quickly, easily, and more cheaply than if it were out sourced to the web designer. The autonomy granted by these systems can also give one an added sense of control over their web enterprise.

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