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Illustrations and drawings


Hand drawn artThey say a picture tells a thousand words. It is very rare that a publication will be completely devoid of images. Even paperback novels have beautifully illustrated front covers to entice the reader.

Children's books are filled with wonderful drawings to help fire the imagination. These drawings are created by an artist, and often take hours to polish into a final product.

Children's illustrationWith the advent of computer technology and sophisticated drawing tablets, creation of such artwork is now easier and faster than ever. Colours and shapes can be changed in a heartbeat, expressions modified and lighting and mood controlled.

By superimposing a transparent layer over a scanned photograph an artist can trace a cartoon version of the underlying image in a few minutes. Then colour, shade and distortions can be added to create a caricature.

Free association

Other times, an artist can let go, and allow their imagination to take them in a wild unknown direction. This kind of free associative drawing yields unpredictable, but often dramatic results, with feverish brushstrokes and imprecise lines delineating the subject; the theory being that by removing your built-in censors your pure creative self can take over and guide the drawing.



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