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Store Finder by Postcode Australian Version

Allows your website visitors to quickly and easily locate the nearest, branch, store or retail outlet of any point of sale in Australia by simply entering their postcode.

Postcode systemHelp your Website Visitors locate your nearest point of sale by postcode

Our postcode lookup service is designed to pinpoint, with high precision, the nearest possible retailer of your product by simply entering their postcode.

We can provide your organisation with a system that produces accurate and useful results so your clients can purchase your products easily. All they need to do is type in their target postcode and click 'find nearest'. Our specialised software rapidly locates the closest matches to the chosen postcode and displays them, complete with phone numbers, address, trading hours and other details for their convenience. This is all done without having clients phoning you asking you constantly for directions to your nearest outlets.

Store Finder Features

Features of our postcode lookup package:

  1. Easy interface makes is simple for clients to use
  2. Extremely fast and precise nearest match Australian postcode lookups
  3. Provides a distance estimate to the target postcode accurate to within 1000m
  4. Saves you time and money by quickly directing clients to their preferred Point of Sale
  5. Flexible system can provide a variety of data about the retailer to the user
  6. Data logging provides invaluable market research information
  7. Customisable appearance for seamless integration with your existing web site
  8. Easy to set up; no fancy PHP or SQL programming required - just two lines of HTML and your live
  9. Easy to update retailers database
  10. Free upgrades

State-of-the-art point of sale geo-locator

The system we have created is extremely accurate and provides your clients with not only the nearest outlets to the postcode entered but also a distance to them, accurate to within 1000m. It uses the similar technology as is used by companies such as Nokia and Optus. It is extremely precise and always returns an accurate result.

The system was created by a team of specialists including a geophysicist who supplied the mapping coordinates and two computer scientists to design and program the software and integrate it into an easy to use web interface. The whole thing looks simple when one uses it, but it was not simple to create. As is often the case with complex systems, its ease-of-use is a result of many years of design and engineering experience by those who created it.

Data logging for easy market research

Another sensational feature of our system is the data logger. This aspect of the system is immeasurably valuable for market research.

It works like this, every time a user enters a postcode the date, time and postcode are recorded to a file allowing analysts to see exactly which postcodes are the most popular and what time of day people usually utilise the service.

This data can be reconciled with market data from other sources to help build a picture of your business operation.

Latest Feature... Update Your Point of Sale Database

Administrators can now easily upload amendments to the retailer list themselves. This means you will be able to update the list completely independently.

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