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Writing proposals & presentations

The function of a proposal is to clearly communicate ideas from one party to another without ambiguity.

Proposal artThe function of a proposal is to clearly communicate ideas from one party to another without ambiguity.

Proposals should be brief and to the point. Readers should come away with a good understanding of what is being offered, what their responsibilities are, and what they will be receiving from the exchange. Graphics, charts and photo imagery can be used to back up or underscore what is being presented and aid in making it more memorable.

Power point presentations

In the case of Power Point presentations, snappy graphics and special effects can help introduce relevant concepts in a delightful way. Powerpoint presentationPower Point presentations are often projected using data projectors in boardrooms.

As a result, the use of small fonts can be counterproductive, as they can become illegible when projected.

Incorrect colour choices can also sabotage a presentation, as dark text on a darker background, or text placed over images, can disappear as if it were camouflaged.

The same theory used when constructing web sites for people with visual impairments should be used here.

Creating Power point presentations

The creation of a presentation in Power Point involves deciding on a basic design and adding slides and content. If desired one may change the colour scheme or apply different design templates. Special effects can be added, such as animated slide transitions. Slides from other presentations or text from other applications such as Microsoft Word can also be inserted at any stage.

The limit is time and your imagination.

Powerpoint presentationPresentations can be a double edged sword. When done well, they will impress the client and fill them with confidence in your company. If done poorly however, a presentation could convey an unprofessional image which could jeopardise the sale.

The presentations on this page demonstrate a variety of designs. Just because you are presenting some boring corporate presentation doesn't mean it can't look good and you can't have fun with it - explore !



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