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Troubleshooting shopping cart problems

It doesn't matter how much time and money you have spent constructing your e-commerce web site - if you're shopping cart is not working as it should, you will never get a return on your investment, and instead of serving you, your website will become a serious liability. Should this happen to you, we can help.

By fixing problems with your shopping cart, we can help you make more money with less stress

A well designed shopping cart system can yield a fantastic financial result and make life much easier for merchants and clients alike.

Unfortunately, due to their inherent complexity they can sometimes be difficult to implement, and instead of serving you, they become a serious liability. Should this happen to you, we can help.

Definition of problems

A problem with a shopping cart can be defined as anything which retards or inhibits the ability of a client to do business with a merchant via the website.

These include:

  • orders coming through scrambled or incomplete
  • hijacking of the shopping cart by spammers
  • poorly designed forms
  • any imposed limitations by the site design precluding you from doing business in the most appropriate/effective manner
  • security problems
  • ...and many more

Causes of shopping cart problems

Broadly speaking, problems with shopping carts are usually caused by one of three things (or a combination of these):

  1. Problems with the design and implementation of the website
  2. Problems with the web server on which the website resides
  3. Problems with the payment gateway or transaction server

What we can do to help

Vidoni Studios has many years of experience building websites which facilitate profitable transactions. We can improve your shopping cart by:

  • examining your current shopping cart, identifying problems and implementing effective solutions
  • liaising with your bank and other service providers to create a reliable, streamlined shopping mechanism
  • modifying or creating new shopping cart technology which fulfils your needs and allows you to focus on business development


If your website has a shopping cart, then it's safe to say that your website is meant to be a profitable business venture.

If you're serious about your business we recommend that you invest in solid technology that serves your business. Hire people who have experience, and who can help you achieve your business goals.

Should your shopping cart not be fulfilling your expectations, please contact us and get your business back on track.



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