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About Daniel Vidoni


Where did I come from ?

I've have been involved with visual art and Information Technology in many different ways over the last 20 years.

My Father, Giulio Vidoni was a graphic designer all his life and inspired me to learn the art of design at an early age. I studied Art at school for six years, then did a lot of charity work and part time jobs as a designer while I went to TAFE studying Information Technology (programming languages and design)...

Art and technology

In the 80's I began programming BASIC and Assembly on an Apple IIe. Later I moved towards the hardware side of PCs designing and building my own custom interface cards. Programming these devices was interesting and challenging and would eventually lead me to a programming career.

In 1988 I studied electronics at Sydney ITec. From 1989 to 1993 I worked as a graphic designer using PC and Mac systems. Other IT jobs I've done include tutoring, consultancy, beta testing, software support and PC hardware tech support.

Video game programmer

However, my first love had always been computer games, and it was clear to me in my late teens that I should (and could) write my own games. It was a lot of work and gaps in my knowledge kept blocking me. I returned to TAFE in 1993 and learned a completely new programming language - C, and to design more complex algorithms.

In 1994 I got my first job as a programmer, specialising in 3D graphics, for the Canadian games company Sir-Tech. It was a great experience. The following year I was hired as lead programmer for a then small Australian games company (MicroForte) and was given a development team of about 4 people, and for the next five years between 1995 and 2000 developed world class computer games.

During this time I gained an intimate knowledge of computer systems, networks, and a wide variety of software and code libraries including Microsoft's Direct X API. MicroForte has since grown a great deal and though I am no longer with them I know they will go far; good luck guys !

I worked on a total of four game projects, three of which have been published.

The teacher

Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed teaching, I think more than anything else I do, and this is reflected to an extent in the articles I have written on the site.

I am highly proficient with Illustrator, Photoshop and many other applications, and have experience tutoring small groups as well as one-on-one students.

In June 2000 I ran a seven-week course at a local Neighbourhood Centre teaching disadvantaged kids how to design and build a newsletter for the local community using Microsoft Publisher 98. None of them had any skills to begin with and very little confidence. By the end of the course they were writing articles, scanning photographs, and assembling page layouts with glee.

The explorer

In 2001 I travelled overseas for three months and on my return set up Vidoni Graphic & Web Design which develops web sites for small-to-medium business and did consultancy 'bread and butter' work.

In 2003 I completed an Internet research project for the UTS Careers Service. During this time I also performed freelance consultancy for the marketing firm 'Web Action Sales'. This involved bringing them up to speed on the latest web technology and improving their workflow. I continue to consult for them today.

To infinity and beyondTo infinity and beyond

In 2007 my strategic focus is on developing e-commerce business web technology. My primary tools are Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver. I write code in HTML, Javascript, PHP, SQL, and Perl.

I am open and easy going by nature and it doesn't take one long to get to know me. After a very brief period you will quickly see how strong my technical, artistic, and teaching abilities are.

I now work exclusively as a web developer, combining my information technology knowledge with visual art.



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