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Web site design philosophy

Making the pieces fit together and work together in a complimentary fashion.
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There is little distinction between composing a brochure, a photograph or a web site. While there is undoubtedly a creative element in the design process, design is not about creativity, is about bringing order where there is disorder. It is about making the pieces fit together and work together in a complimentary fashion. Creativity is used as a means to achieve this.

Whenever you look at a piece of artwork you see the whole. But the whole is made separate parts. Knowing this and seeing that despite this the elements fit and work together, one comes to appreciate the piece in its totality. It becomes a ballet of form, proportion, colour, symmetry and consistency.

We thoroughly understand the issues connected with combining art and technology in the form of a web site (which is basically a graphic user interface). A web site is art, but it is also technological, interactive, a combination of many media brought together into a cohesive whole.

Form follows function

This does not mean that a web site needs to be ugly in order to be functional. It does mean however that a much broader range of skills is required in order to create a web site and structure it so as to give the user a good and useful experience.

The best web sites are very intuitive to navigate, swiftly supply the user with the information they seek (the primary function of web site), and are aesthetically pleasing without being cluttered.

-  Simple is beautiful  -

We believe that form should always follow function. Otherwise one ends up with a terrific looking thing which is useless; or worse; a terrific looking thing which is difficult and frustrating to use. There is no need for this. The artist's job is to enhance and work with (not against) the reason for the object's existence; the quest is to use a beautiful design in the service of function.


When given the task of building a web site we always design it in a professional and forward-looking fashion, taking things such as maintenance and scalability into account. We don't leave clients 'swinging in the breeze' as we consider this unethical, unnecessary, and bad business.

Without exception we find that every now and then our clients require changes to be made to their web sites, pages added, renamed, or removed. Other times links need updating. These are all perfectly normal and reasonable things to want to be able to do with one's web site.

We see to it that all of our sites are engineered in such way that they can easily be modified either by us or by our clients themselves using very affordable content management systems.

We look forward to discussing your needs further. You may contact us here to learn more or arrange a face to face meeting.

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